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Writer in Residence @ Kunyung Program: Rowena Wiseman-Published Author

This week our Writers Workshop lunchtime program held its first Writer in Residence @ Kunyung lunchtime program. This was open for Years 3-6 students. Our Writer in Residence @ Kunyung program has been established to engage our serious young writers and will be open to our Junior school students in the future.

Writer in Residence: Rowena Wiseman – Published Author

Writer in Residence Program 002

Rowena has offered her support and will be attending and making suggestions on how we can grow this program to benefit our young writers and illustrators. The students who attended our first Writer in Residence @ Kunyung were a pleasure to listen to. Their ability compose rich questions reflected the talent of these students. Thank you Rowena!

Writer in Residence Program 007

Rowena brought her notebook, drafts of published works and explained how she collected ideas, honed her skills as a writer and the resilience required to become a published author.

It was interesting to hear how a writer asks others to read their work, comment and make suggestions, as well as the editing process a published piece of writing is subjected to as part of the publishing process.

Rowena is a parent member of our school community. We are also seeking other community members (grandparents etc.) involved in a writing based profession e.g. illustrating, advertising, journalist to name a few to become involved in this exciting program.

Our aim is to have a Writer in Residence @ Kunyung each month. We would love to hear from you and invite you to become a part of our Writer in Residence @ Kunyung program. This is the beginning of a wonderful school initiative which we hope will engage more of our students as word spreads.



Kunyung’s Curriculum Vision! :)

Good Day All! 


If we are continually changing our teaching/thinking to prepare our students for the future……what that future will look like is something we need to consider…………BUT………what will it look like?

At the 2015 Prep Transition Parents’ Meeting on Wednesday, it was my role (alongside Jo B- one of our lovely Prep teachers!) to present to new parents our curriculum vision! Well, it’s a little trickier than I thought!! Not because we don’t have one but more because we have such a strong one that we live, breath, discuss, challenge and strive to improve ALL THE TIME…………….problem being how to put that into a simple statement that just ‘ makes sense’ to anyone!!

Well our statement went something like this……………

‘Kunyung Primary is an International Baccalaureate School implementing the Primary Years Program through an Inquiry-based, Concept-driven curriculum that prides itself on having a Visible Learning Culture and actively promotes Personalisation of Learning!!’

Hmmmm…….didn’t really follow the lines ‘making sense’ to anyone…. so we followed it up with……………In parents speak……..

‘Our staff are developing and learning as teachers to be the best we can be to ensure your children have every opportunity to be the best they can be!’

I think that went over a little better!!!!! :)

In truth though, we do have common language and a clear vision  in our school of where our curriculum is headed……What makes us so committed, and sure of our direction, is that it is all based on research and ‘best practice’. This allows us to follow up any questions with professional reading, access online support from around the world and participate in local and state networks set up to support each other….

Now we had them sold on our COMMON DIRECTION, we thought we might start to provoke the thinking of our audience!

We asked the parents to take a YES/NO stance on the following statements….what do you think?

Learning is best measured by a letter or a number.

Product is more important than process and progress.

Children need to be protected from any kind of failure.

Teachers know all the answers.

Teachers have to be in control of the class.

Teachers are responsible for the learning.

Students are obliged to respect teachers.

Learners need to sit quietly and listen.

Learning looks the same as when you went to school.

Focus on (and fix) your child’s shortcomings, rather than their successes.

We asked parents to look at the some images of classrooms in the past and classrooms today…….they shared what they saw, thought and wondered about them!! How things have changed……

What can we do in schools to prepare our students?

We CAN develop, support and grow the 21st Century skills, attitudes and learner attributes they will need to function in 2030 through an INQUIRY curriculum

We CAN develop students who take ownership of their learning through creating a Visible Learning Culture. Developing the skills of ‘How to learn! Not just what to learn!’

We CAN personalise student learning to meet their needs through a PERSONALISED program

What can you do to help us?

•Encourage questioning (Beyond the Why question we all love!!)
•Support Wonderings (I wonder what would happen if…..)
•Make Connections (What do we already know that will help us here?)
•Support (Nightly reading, notices, money)
•Be positive (Focus on what was good about their day! Suggest ways to solve problems)
•Relationships (Model good communication with teachers, friends, school)
•Read the School BLOG and newsletters (Stay informed!)

Just thought I would share some of our presentation as it really is applicable to all of our school community!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! :)

Kim Jackson

Assistant Principal




Welcome back to Term 4! :)

 NewsGood Day Kunyung Primary 

How great is it to be back!! The final Term of 2014 is going to be just as ‘jammed packed’ as the rest of the year…….and we love it!!

Let’s start Term 4 by looking back to the final week of Term 3……..in the midst of a wonderful and bright ‘Footy Day Parade’ and extremely talented ‘Star Search’ final……..our Senior Students shared their incredible learning in their EXHIBITION!

The comments from parents, students and teachers from neighbouring schools were overwhelmingly positive and such a credit to our students (and their wonderful teachers!)

Not only were our students able to articulate their learning and understanding of their inquiries, they were also able to take us through their learning journey by articulating the process of learning AND the action they wanted to take as a result! Very impressive indeed! J

Looking forward to this term………it started with a ‘bang’ on Monday (Not for students but definitely for staff!)

We were at a Professional Learning Day held at Mornington Primary School. There were over 110 staff from Mornington PS, Benton Junior College and Kunyung PS (All Local PYP Schools) and the focus of the day was ‘Visible Learning’- an important part of personalised learning and inquiry!

Here are some of my thoughts on the day

  • We have been working on developing a ‘Visible Learning Culture’ @ Kunyung for a couple of years and I think the day was affirmation of our choice of direction and of a lot of our current teaching practice.
  • The day also gave us things to really think about moving forward………..lots of questions for sure! The Professional conversations throughout the day were invaluable and have continued back at school! So much so we have dedicated next week’s staff meeting to further discussions about Visible Learning! (Please contact me if you would like to know more!)
  • There are many things that were discussed on the day that I think will shape our thinking during collaborative planning each week and also in classroom practice.news2
  • One thing I did think that we need to work towards is the development of a ‘Learning Process @ Kunyung’  …………………stay tuned! J
  • We have the ‘What to teach/learn’ in the form of continuums in the classroom, the attributes required to be a good Learner (What does a good learner look like), the attitudes and the skills BUT it’s time to be able to articulate the ‘How we are learning’ component!

Ultimately the main outcome of the day was to inspire our thinking back in the classroom……..how can we continue to support our students to understand what a ‘good learner’ says, makes and does! A really productive day! J

The first Units of Inquiry for this term are listed below! Please contact your child’s class teacher or myself if you would like to get involved! J

PREPS: Living things share resources in order to survive and grow (Sharing the planet)

JUNIORS: All living things are connected (Sharing the planet)

MIDDLES: Living things depend on each other and the environment to survive (Sharing the planet)

SENIORS: Children worldwide face a variety of challenges and risks (Who we are)

news4 Have a great first couple of days back and I look forward to seeing you around the school! 


 Kim Jackson

 Assistant Principal



This year we created a Communication @ Kunyung strategy with the following purpose: To create better links between the school and students’ homes as this will encourage positive learning experiences for students as the more parents know about our school, the more likely they will be able to improve and support their child’s learning. Better communication also supports our efforts to build our school’s reputation.

Please find below a copy of the ‘Communication @ Kunyung’ Strategy that we would like your feedback on! Receiving feedback will be one way to improve communication in 2015! Please add a comment below! Perhaps mention anything you have liked so far, new ideas and/or ways we could improve some of our current ideas!  We can’t always do everything but we will give many things a go! :)

Action Target   Audience Timing Responsibility

Start   of Year Communication

Welcome week ‘Parents and teachers consider communication the number one factor to   increase trust (Adams and Christenson, 2000)’ – letter / welcome classroom   environment / listening / phone calls, directing lost parents to the correct   area / person, etc. All families Term 1, Week 129 – 31/01/14 All staff
Prep Parents’ Morning Tea Prep Parents Week 1, Friday31/01/14 Prep team

Regular All Year Communication

Assemblies  All parents All staff
BlogsMaintain a lively, informative school blog, including introductory   information (usually in parent information handbook)More information to follow – What to include / person/s responsible   e.g.General information – Level leaderLiteracy information – Literacy PLT level leaderNumeracy information – Numeracy PLT level leaderTransdisciplinary information – Transdisciplinary PLT level leader All parents Introductory information – by 13/02/14Then regularly throughout the year Level LeadersPLT level leadersSpecialist teachers
Skoolbag App All parents Regularly throughout the year All staff (Level Leaders in particular)
Newsletters All parents Regularly throughout the year

Whole   School Events

Getting to Know You InterviewsPurpose:Teachers should take the opportunity to gather background information,   to answer the parents’ questions, to address their concerns, and to help   define their role in the learning process. The parents should take the   opportunity to provide the teacher with the cultural context of the student’s   learning (MTPYPH pg. 52) All parents Week 4, Term 117 & 19/02/14 Classroom teachers
Family Picnic Lunch / Open   classrooms Lunch: 1.30 – 2.30Open classrooms: 2.30 – 3.30pm (NB: No senior sport) All parents Friday: Week 5, Term 128/02/14 Classroom teachersPrincipal class
Carnival All families Week 7, Term 114/03/14 Assistant Principal
Grandparents’ morningTea and scones – 10amChildren write an invitation to their grandparents Grandparents Term 2, Week 2:9 – 10Classroom Leadership Team
Student-led tours(MTPYPH pg. 52) Term 2 -Education WeekDuring Planning sessions
Three-way conferences(MTPYPH pg. 52) Term 2,Last week
Written reports(MTPYPH pg. 53) Terms 2 and 4
Morning Tea with Principals  All parents Term 3 Principal class

Learning   @ Kunyung Primary School

Learning @ Kunyung 1:   Reading with your children Thursday, 20/03/14:2 – 3.30pm Literacy PLT leader
Learning @ Kunyung 2:   Learning and Teaching Tuesday,Term 26.30 – 7.30pm Transdisciplinary PLT leader
Learning @ Kunyung 3:   Numeracy 9.30 – 11Term 3 Numeracy PLT leader
Learning @ Kunyung 4:   Literacy 9.00 – 10Term 3 Literacy PLT leader
Prep presentation eveningFOCUS: Science Expo Prep parents & interested community members Term 32.30 – 3.30pm
Juniors presentation eveningFOCUS: Science Expo Junior parents & interested community members Term 36.00 – 7.30pm
Middles presentation eveningFOCUS: Night of Explorers Middles parents & interested community members Term 36.00 – 7.30pm
Seniors presentation eveningExhibition ‘How we share the planet’(MTPYPH pg. 53) Seniors parents & interested community members Term 46.00 – 7.30pm


Good Day Kunyung! :)

This week I thought I would share with you a copy of the Education Report that is tabled at School Council every month. This report gives us a chance to share with School Council members the ‘curriculum activity’ that has happened at Kunyung the previous month!

I thought you might be interested to have a look at the latest one! If I don[t see you before the holidays then I wish you a safe and happy one with your families! :)

CatsREPORT FIVE: The Education Reports this year are going to be in line with the key improvement strategies of the School’s Annual Implementation Plan (A copy can be found on the school’s website)

The Education Report will be named ‘Pedagogical Leadership Report’ as the report is going to focus on how and why we teach like we do as opposed to just listing events.

The reason for this report structure is to keep you informed of how the school is working towards achieving our year-long goals. It will also try to make the connections between the goals and student learning in the classrooms!

Current Units of Inquiry:

PREPS: Personal histories reflect cultures and traditions

JUNIORS: Matter changes to meet daily needs

MIDDLES: Contact with indigenous cultures has an affect on society

SENIORS: Awareness and understanding of inequity empowers us to act (EXHIBITION)

Current Kunyung Action: Nearly completed the pencil/pen drive for the SAIL Program and getting ready to send all collected donations to the Dandenong Office.

Staff Professional Development: PYP Open Schools’ Network (We had 14 staff attend either Mornington PS or Mount View PS, 25 visitors attended Kunyung from 8 different schools), Ben Waldren ‘Inspirational Leadership’ PD & Ballarat College ‘Intercultural Understanding’ PD attended by Elaine and Kim.

Kunyung Learning Blogs: Nearly 6000 visits!!!!

School Aerobics Team: Two teams preparing for Geelong Spring Competitions in October

Other Events:  Juniors Science Night, Preps Science Afternoon, Junior Archibald Art Competition, District Athletics

Embed whole school approach to curriculum that  is planned, taught and assessed in a consistent, cohesive and sequential way using inquiry as the lead pedagogical approach Establishment of 3 Professional Learning teams to break this first goal into different curriculum areas: Literacy focus, Mathematics focus and Transdisciplinary (PYP) focus. PLT to feedback to staff and ask for input next term.
LITERACY PLT: Project work- Development of Personalised Literacy Continuums.

As a result of this work: Reading continuums being trialled in all classrooms across the school.

Spelling continuums being trialled in all classrooms in Term 4.

MATHEMATICS PLT: Project Day Work- Development of Inquiry Maths Outcome Rubrics

As a result of this work: All classes using the rubrics with students so they are aware of what it is they need to learn next. All maths planners being placed into an IB planner on google docs

Transdisciplinary (PEDAGOGY)

Project Day Work- Auditing the Programme Of Inquiry, use of related concepts

As a result of this work: All current Units of Inquiry are on a google doc, The KPS Programme of Inquiry is up to date and each current Unit of Inquiry has a related concept attached to it.

Embed assessment of, for and as learning throughout the curriculum Initiated the idea of ‘Stretch Goals’ for the children. Identifying where students should be and giving them a time in which to get there. Including parents in the stretch goal process.
Further develop the capacity of staff to plan and reflect in collaborative teams, ensuring collective responsibility for all students in order to meet their individual learning needs Google Docs- All staff working collaboratively through using google docs for planning

Planning Week- All Level Teams have a whole day to plan for Term 4. Common understanding Literacy, Numeracy and Unit of Inquiry foci, common understanding of how to teach the Term 4 concepts, common assessments planned.

Instructional Rounds- All 3 Professional Learning Teams had a day to work on a ‘Problem of Practice’. Data collected from classrooms, analysed and next steps planned collaboratively.

Peer Observations- All staff were paired up and spent time discussing an area of focus they would like observed. Both staff have observed each other in the classroom, provided feedback to their partner and discussed next steps to further improvement.

Further develop connections and communication to share learning and teaching with the school community


Juniors Science Night- well attended, excited children!

Preps Science Afternoon- Very well attended by many parents.


  • Principals’ Morning Tea
  • Middles Parent Session
  • Seniors Exhibition
  • Parent Survey on the Communication Strategy for 2014 to inform 2015 (Parents will be asked to comment on successes and suggested improvements)
Optimise the use of ICT as a teaching and learning tool Teacher -focus PD session next week in a range of ICT applications


Wishing you all a great week!

I hope your team wins……If they are still in the finals……. (GO ROOS!)


Kim Jackson

Assistant Principal


Exhibition Progress Report! :)

IBlogoAt the moment all the seniors have been working in their groups and are researching information about their topics, Central Ideas and Lines of Inquiry.

The topics are: Animal Cruelty is unfair, Poverty is unfair, Discrimination is unfair, Bullying is unfair, Not enough education is unfair, Too much waste is unfair, Homelessness is unfair, War is unfair and not enough medical assistance is unfair. Their lines of inquiry are…

Understanding an awareness of…

The inequity of… Throughout the world

Ways people can act to make a difference…

The ellipses (…) means that the students had to fill it in accordingly to their topic

Exhibition is soon, so everyone is working hard to collect research information, survey data and much more.

All groups have mentors and each week the groups meet up with their mentors to discuss how they are going and what they need help with.

Now that all groups know what the Exhibition is going to look like and how it’s going to run, they are now planning what to present!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Exhibition news

Marlon SE

(on behalf of the Exhibition Organising Committee 2014)

P.S The Exhibition is on Wednesday the 17th of September


Kunyung in Action! :)






Good Day All! 

We all know our children are natural inquirers! They love to ask questions and are generally curious about most things!! As an IB school we try to harness these questions, build on what children already know and guide them/allow them to pursue their interest further……………along the way we provoke their thinking, encourage them to share their learning with their peers, ensure they understand what they are learning and why, explicitly teach them the skills they need to inquire and research, explicitly teach the skills required to communicate with others (reading, writing, speaking and listening)  AND support them to become internationally minded!!!

Yep, thats it in a nutshell!

To support these wonderful little people to develop into confident learners we need to provide an environment that offers many wide and varied experiences! Not just randomness of ‘things to do’ but carefully and strategically planned out incursions and excursions that support the thinking and ideas of the students.

For example, when the Middle School students were asking questions like ‘Can you judge art and how?’ ‘Is there any such thing as good and bad art?’ ‘What would the world look like if there was no art?’ and ‘How do we know what people are trying to express in their art? What is the evidence?’ then organising for 13 ‘Artists in Residence’ to come into school and to answer questions and discuss their ideas about art was a perfect incursion! Follow this up with a trip to Melbourne to observe and discuss many artistic features of the city and the students were inquiring and discovering the answer to their questions!!

Meanwhile in Prep World the discussions were centred around ‘What do scientists do?’ and ‘What makes a

City 3

 scientist?’ Learning how to ask questions, make an hypothesis and conduct experiments  were explicit skills taught and this all culminated in a Prep ‘Science Explorers’ afternoon where parents shared working through the scientific process with their children!

The Juniors exploded into their next Unit of Inquiry by being involved in a ‘Hands on Science’ incursion! How does matter change to meet our needs? Well that’s what they are going to discover looking at the world through ‘the eyes of a scientist’!

The Seniors have started their Exhibition and are currently organising their own mentors and experts whilst developing their own questions, tensions and provocations! Their Exhibition is a culmination of all of the previous 6 years-worth of Units of Inquiry! It is a celebration!

Please enjoy the accompanying photos of Kunyung Kids in Action! What a plethora of learning and engaging experiences that support our children to be the internationally minded adults of the future we so want them to be! J

Happy Days! J

Kim Jackson

Assistant Principal

City 4


Seniors’ Exhibition 2014! :)

Hello Everyone! :)

Every week Mrs Jackson writes a weekly update for the school newsletter about what we are learning…..but this week we have taken on the role! :) Blog 1

On Monday we started our Exhibition. Our Transdisciplinary Theme is ‘Sharing the Planet’ and our main related concept is INEQUITY.

In the first three days we have started to pull these ideas apart. When we started we answered 3 questions: What matters to you? What do you think is unfair? And if you could change something in the world what would it be? These questions have been our launch. After answering these questions we had a provocation by watching a documentary called ‘I Am Eleven’ (for more details google it) It was about eleven year olds from all around the world discussing what they think is important to know and what they think is fair and unfair. IT made us think even more about what matters to us. We are now brainstorming about what is unfair and sharing our ideas with others in the Seniors. We have also been asking our families the same questions.

Blog 2

We are having a great time down here in Seniors working on our Exhibition. Eventually we will be placed into groups and will work on a specific inquiry of our choice.

As we go through this amazing journey to complete and finalise our Exhibition there is some help needed. We have our teachers and each other but we do need some mentors to help with Exhibition. If anyone from the Kunyung community is willing to help please contact Mrs Jackson on [email protected]

Please stay tuned for regular updates on the Seniors’ Exhibition and more information will be given in the coming weeks.

Blog 3


Wednesday 17th September 2014

Thank you

Alex, Alfie and Sadie (Seniors)

Acting Assistant Principals for the afternoon

 (Thanks Mrs Jackson!)



Senior School Exhibition! :)

What is the PYP Exhibition?quotes-18he7ck[1]

‘In the final year of the IB program, students participate in a culminating project known as the Exhibition. Students are required to engage in a collaborative, transdisciplinary inquiry process that involves them in identifying, investigating and offering solutions to real life issues.

Through this process students will also manage their time, research, proactivelty work with mentors, take action, communicate their findings, assess their tasks and celebrate their learning with each other and the broader school and IB community.’ Making the PYP Happen

The Exhibition is a large version of every unit of inquiry our students participate in from Prep through to Year 5/6. Our hope is that they display all of the skills, attitudes, attributes and actions that we have been developing over their time at Kunyung and have a chance to present this deep learning to the rest of the community.

The THEME for this year’s Exhibition is……


An inquiry into rights and responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources with other people and with other living things; communities and the relationshipwithin and between them; access to equal opportunities; peace and conflict resolution.

The students will soon be discussing what this statement actually means to them, what it could mean, what questions, interests, provocations come from this theme.

They will then choose an area of authentic interest to them and begin their inquiry.

This is where you could assist us!

We are looking for mentors to work with a small group of 2-3 students and support them with ways to collect their information, interpret it, present it and assist them with any issues or problems that may arise!

In the next couple of weeks we will publish the full range of inquiries that the students have chosen to focus on for their Exhibition. If any of the areas is also an interest to you OR you would like to assist a group regardless of the area for inquiry- we would love to have you on board!

Please contact me on j[email protected] and I will answer any questions you may have! You may want to find out more about it ASAP or you may wish to wait for areas of inquiry to be published…..either way is fine with us!


Kim Jackson

Assistant Principal




Term 3! WOO HOO! :)

Good Day Kunyung Families! :)

  I hope your holidays were everything your family wanted, or needed, them to be!

What bright, happy faces we were greeted with on Tuesday morning, and that included the parents! The children were so happy to see friends and teachers, and so switched on to start learning, that classrooms were alive with conversations, stories and questioning! (Whilst Monday was an extremely productive day for our staff……..work doesn’t feel right without children there!)

Our daily Reading, Writing and Maths routines are in full swing and our Inquiries have started with excitement and enthusiasm…………..children are natural inquirers as we know and the questions have been coming thick and fast already!

Our Preps are being scientists and inquiring into what makes things move! They will be looking at the BIG IDEA of CONSEQUENCES through experimenting with many different objects and discovering what makes them move and why? They will be learning the skills of being a scientist and I can’t wait to share with you their questions and findings over the next few weeks!

Our Juniors are inquiring into the processes that products go through and their BIG IDEA is CHANGE. They are visiting the YAKULT factory this week to see the origins of a product and the process these materials go through to become a useable product. The questions asked by our students at the factory have been amazing- get ready for many questions about how things are made parents!!

Our Middles started with a ‘bang’ also on Tuesday with the provocation ‘what ideas, beliefs, values are important to you’ and ‘if you had to express these to aliens how could you do it?’ Their inquiry is looking at how people express these things to others and how do we know this? The BIG IDEA is REFLECTION and what EVIDENCE can we find to support our thinking!

Our Seniors spent yesterday in Melbourne at the Immigration and Chinese Museums………their inquiry is focussed on immigration and the impact it has on individuals and communities. The students have been asked to put a box together that represents their families’ history including evidence of any movement or relocation they have been involved in.

The teachers also spent time this week inquiring! Our three Professional Learning Teams used Monday as a Project Day’. The Mathematics Team, Literacy Team and Transdisciplinary Team set goals for the day and, after expending the kind of energy you see on the Amazing Race, achieved many of the set goals. There is a common understanding at Kunyung about how we teach our students and Monday was ensuring all of our planning documents, big ideas and skill based continuums, for example, were consistent throughout the school and  all up to date and accessible. It was both a productive and enjoyable day with a clear purpose. In all rooms, where teams were working, it was ‘heads down’ and work, work, work!

As I said at the start of this article, it was ‘hit the ground running’ at Kunyung this week and, when I think about it, it’s only Thursday!!!!

Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible throughout the term!

Kim Jackson

Assistant Principal